BC Furries - April Fursuit Bowling

April Fursuit Bowling @ Rev's Bowling Centre, down in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada =)

Had a lot of fun editing the video.

Couldn't attend the one held this month though... So I couldn't get any footage of what happened there myself.
Will try my best to attend the one for next month =)

Don't get too attached to me...
Y so serious?
He didn't reject me.
Said 'We'll see how things turn out.'
Gave me a reason to continue my fight...
Yet when I heard those words come out of his mouth...

I don't know...

The only time I've ever been this scared was when I lost someone dear to me 5 years ago... When she died, left me forever.

Sometimes, I wish I'm not like this and can be emotionally stronger.


Sorry for the onslaught of negative journals guys, you guys are probably sick and tired of these already.

Maya Nightmare
As some of you might have known, I've stated my 3D animation course this year and am using both XSI SoftImage and Maya for 3D animation.

As of late, I've been guiding a few of my classmates behind the logic related to the 3D animation assignment that we'll be tested on in Maya, and how the Graph Editor in Maya works for all this.

Last night however, I woke up to a nightmare. I was going through someone's Graph Editor and could see what was going on with it: It was a big mess, and I could see where the animation was going without even looking at it just by looking at the Graph Editor.

Right then and there, I woke up wide eyed, flabbergasted... And then realized what happened... And then smiled...

The animation obsession is coming back to me... And it felt good, somewhat. 

A Huge Sigh of Relief
Some folks who are closer to me might have known that I was mugged on my way home by 3 druggies early August last year.

Well, what I didn't tell a lot of other people was that despite being held back, I made them bleed, the same way they made me bleed, and I have my reasons to believe that my blood and at least one of theirs did come into contact.

I've went and gone for 2 HIV checkups since then, the first one turned out clean since it was 3 months in and activities of HIV Antibodies would be low (even if they exist), the next one, which was done this March 3rd, was the most recent HIV test that I had.

As the clinic said, 'No News is Good News', but they usually get their blood sampling test results back 10-14 days after getting them from their patients, and last Thursday, 10 days after my blood sampling, I missed a phonecall from a withheld number at the clinic's operation time (2:00 - 5:00pm, clinic is only open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

Since then, I've been preparing myself for the worst (I really need to apologize for the VI Furs for this, I wasn't as sociable as I should have been not only from being tired from school, but for this very reason as well), and was stressing out all weekend.

Fortunately for me however...

Verdict: Negative

I'm clean.


In other news, I need to get back to my animation! =3

Posted up fixed versions of my animation posted in my previous journal, since Youtube cut away the tail ends of my animation (added tail end buffers to them)

Bouncing Ball:

Wave Motion:

Jumping Sack:

*morale up*

Let's go! =D

Standard Update
Last week, the 2nd week of school, went by quite well.

We did the Jumping Sack assignment in 2D prior to doing a 3D Snowman jump this week.

It was a pretty fun thing to do, having to once again revise what I know and have learnt in 2D class and re-enforcing them once more, furthering my understanding on their concept once more.

Prior to that, in the first week of school itself, we had to blaze through the Bouncing Ball and the Wave Motion assignments, which fortunately, I managed to pull through without much of a problem. Gonna re-do my 2D and 3D Bouncing Ball because I'm not satisfied with them however.

Animation Videos Under the Cut!!!Collapse )

At the end of the week was the meetup with the rest of the Vancouver Island furs, and the last VI Furmeet I can actually attend because school's about to get hellishly busy (A lecturer of ours expects us to dedicate 12 hours working time in school every weekday, and expects us to come in during weekends, and honestly, I'm very happy he says so, since that's what I'm doing! XD).

We had a big video games gathering during the VI Furmeet, where I managed to get to play some old classics like Cybertroopers: Virtual On and Marvel VS Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn, and the party went on the whole night till the next day 11am. A group of furs even managed to finish the entire campaign for CoD 4 that one night, though I'm not sure if its their first time playing (I think it was for some of those who played).

Following that, we had lunch, and after some of us said our goodbyes, I followed torwin_collie  to his place is Chemainus to help him shift his stuffs  since he's moving from Chemainus (Vancouver Island) to Surrey (British Columbia mainland). Managed to meet his Border Collie, Brody, in the process as well. Like his owner, Brody is one very handsome dog in my opinion. ;)

He has it rough however, missing his right hind leg, but that doesn't seem to slow him down one bit from what I observed. He was well behaved when I saw him, but Torwin did tell me he can get very excited and go crazy when it comes to paper rolls (being thrown around as toys apparently). 8D

After moving in all of Torwin's stuff into his new home in Surrey (Which he will be sharing with both Sairys and Ruggs), I managed to get hom at 11:09pm thanks to Ruggs driving me back to where I lived, and the rest was history. =)


That said however, I do miss the Vancouver Island fur crew already... And ow, my back... XD

Will update with videos once I get home, since I can't upload videos to YouTube from school. Will also add some pics from the meet =)

And so... I came out.
Will try keeping things as short as possible...

I was just talking with my mother over the phone a few moments ago, talking about the usual stuffs an whatnot - about school, about finances and life + friends and such.

Talking about friends, she came to realization that I haven't exactly been hanging out with... well... 'normal' people by her standards, and she highly discourages me to spend time with them (not that she can stop me at present, but still...), and highly discourages me from ever dating another male if the time ever comes.

We talked about it for a while, and I think she's come to the realization that I'm not exactly 'straight' as well, but as with the limited scope of the usual Asian parent, she thought I was gay. It took me a bit to explain to her that gender did not matter, and sex was not the issue as well, as for now, if I wish to be attracted to a potential soulmate, its their personality that counts.

Yeah, I'm a pan-sexual, but I don't think she can actually grasp hold of this given just a short time of just words being exchanged.

She still disagrees with this concept of freedom however, stating that we are Chinese and have traditions that we should stick to, and that being with another guy will just end me up with AIDs.

Also, what I did find rather annoying was that she tried to hook me up with another girl, a daughter of her friend's, under the incentive that she's a Canadian permanent Resident, and that it'll make things easier for me to attain citizenship if I were to hook-up with her.

*sighs and shakes his head somewhat disappointedly*

Typical Asian parents...
Makes me wonder if blindly following a tradition is a good thing to do though.

That said, she did not jump into a rage or anything, she just seemed disappointed I am the way I am. That, I'm thankful for.

Perhaps it'll just take time for her to accept me for what I am... I hope.

Placing myself in her shoes, I can see where the disappointment comes from, considering the repercussions it has on our rather large family. the fact that my father (who has yet to know about this) is the eldest son of the Patriarch of our Chinese family doesn't help either. She's gone through a lot of effort in keeping the family together as well, and raising my younger brother (straight guy) and I as morally upright as she can.

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is to disappoint her, but its just that... Ergh x_x

I just wish she could trust me more... -_-

For now however, I'm not sure where my feelings will lead me, just a bit confused at present... Uncertain where my loyalties lie... But what I do know is that there're several things to do at present, survival and studies being the main priority.

Maybe I'm a naive person who is just running away, but how I'd like to see this is that I'm just placing the matter on the back on my head at present, and dealing with them one-step-a-time, as and when needed.

*brings up his music player and sings... "Trust You"*

Flowers blow in the Wind...
Rains bring life to Earth...
Everything in this world is interdependent...
Needing one another to survive.

Why is it people always hurt each other...
And separations never cease to exist?

If you are to travel far... far away...
That kind, gentle smile of yours...
I'll keep it here in my heart.

I hang on tightly to that part of you.

Connected to each other,
I believe the day shall meet will come once more.

I'm waiting for your love...

I love you, I trust you.
I wish to share that loneliness of yours...
I love you, I trust you...
Be it through Light or Dark...

I wish to believe, so long as we're there...
I'll never let go.

Brief Year in Review + Happy Holidays Everyone!
 Looking back at the year... A lot of things happened, both good and bad (but I guess that's obvious n.n; ), but overall, I guess I'm happy. :)

Overall, the 2nd half of the year was rather busy, and a number of unfortunate things (being mugged, having my movement impaired for an extended period of time, not being able to attend school for 2 weeks, costing me my grades [GPA = 3.24], delayed paperworks for an extended Study Permit) slightly dampened my mood for the year.

The series of unfortunate incidents however, managed to bond me closer to my friends, both old and new, near and far. I found myself a twin too (according to a lot of my friends back at home in Singapore)!

Through this twin of mine, and a few wonderful furs I've managed to make acquaintances of this year, I was urged and so attended my first Furry Con-like event this year at 'Howloween: The Resurrection'. It was through this event that my negative perceptions on fursuiters were changed for the better [I should say that I'd want a fursuit for myself as well now, and am thinking of having a mouse built for me, and a mouse suits my iRL behavior more so than my fursona, which is what I want to be].Managed to get to know a lot more furs then too, many of which are very cool people iRL.

As of late, I've spent a lot of time over a the newest Furry House in Vancouver, where 4 of my friends presently reside. They've recently thrown a House-warming party and a small Xmas gathering, both of which I had the great pleasure of being able to attend. :D

Perhaps most memorable however, was earlier in the year at late March. I've met a special and important friend, Ray, and was thankfully able to spend sometime with him iRL. I've known him for 7 years now (6 years plus then), but having being able to meet him for the first time iRL was even better than I thought. He's an awesome, down-to-earth and modest person iRL, and has been one of my major moral pillars of support, being there to listen whenever I'm down. The hardest part of this little meetup however, was having to let go. Oh well... Here's to hoping for many more years to come #n.n#

Welp, I guess that's enough babbling from me if I wish to keep this entry short.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Stay safe, stay true and good luck with any present and upcoming endeavors! :)

This is Zeph, signing off!


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