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Of all the...
Y so serious?
With the combination of peer pressure, ever increasing competition related to the growth of the population in this cramped island, judging of people based on results marks on paper and etc etc...

Its no wonder those who have been looked down on, or shunned because they perform less than expected, band together to form gangs that turn on the usual public that 'wronged' them?

The police can lockdown on as many as the general public wants them to, but unless Singapore's system structure changes for the better, things will never change

New delinquents will rise to prove themselves 'better' as a psychological defiance to the general public, more of this violence will continue and more people will just keep on getting hurt, both physically and psychologically.

The problem about a society that bases 'those who qualify' based on marks on paper here easily will have those who do not qualify shunned and ridiculed.

Its also easy to see Singaporeans overseas, those who are complacent with the lifestyle they have here become arrogant (based on my experience with exchange students in Canada), and for what? Just because the government hands them stuffs on a silver platter and such (scholarships) just because they qualify on paper?

The problem about the cold, impersonal system here in Singapore has opened a path to a generation of young drones/zombies who work for nothing more than results on paper.

Those who fail to do so are treated as outcasts, clearly seen class based on the education system here in Singapore, where its easy to see the worser performing level folks recieve even poorer education levels.

Let's not forget the fact that those who are in 'better' schools here in Singapore often mock those in lower class, poorer government schools.

Also, let's not forget that those who perform poorly probably already have their own share of problems, heavily related to background issues more often than not (financially, family wise etc.)

Pressurize them, shun them and treat them as outcasts eh? General public?

Birds of a feather flock together, is it no wonder that the youths aged between 15-25 in this country then band together in the fashion that they do and cause the acts that have been done?

Troubled backgrounds, confidence issues, wanting to find a place where they belong and the desire to prove themselves better (In this case, by vengeance), is it a wonder such violent news have sparked as of late?

Don't just go about your everyday lives doing what you do like the drones you've been lead to become Singaporeans.

I implore you to think.

PS: Sorry about the layout of the journal or if I sound repetitive. I'm peeved, and its 3am here after a long day's work starting at 7am.


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