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For the lack of a better title... Happy New De-De-De-Decade! =)
Hmm... Well... Where to begin... Will try to keep things short I guess.
- This year has been a long one, came across many different folks from many different backgrounds, be it school or otherwise, and many I can say I'm really happy to have made an acquaintance with.

- School's been good for the most part, a bit of changes in the school's 'command' structure though, but I think the changes have been mostly for the better, despite the very rough start.

- School ends at March, and truth be told, its quite exciting, somethign I'm looking forward to and not at the same time...
Gonna be leaving Vancouver, and truth be told, its a difficult thing to do since I've been here for more than 2 years already now, having made many friends, some of which I'd lay down my life for, and knowing the fact that I have to leave, unsure as to whether I'd get to see them again anytime soon or not...

- 'Met' with someone here in Vancouver too... And well, I like him, problem being that I'm not certain where the both of us will be headed to in the future, and its been emotionally up and down for me being with him (though not in a bad way).
To summarize things, it'd seem that we're more like buddies instead of partners... And no, we're not mates, that's too strong of a word in my opinion.

- 2 of those factors added together make me hesitant about leaving, but I don't really have a choice on this matter... I guess. Its hard to weasel your way into an industry if you're a foreigner.

- Attended my first Furry convention in Seattle in the form of Rainfurrest 2009, and had a blast too! Thoroughly enjoyed it n.n
Managed to spend time with an important person in my life at the end of it too... Which I'm very thankful for =)

- On the technical side of things, I did away with my laptop and built a desktop computer, stationed it in school and am overall very happy with it, as its a relatively capable machine, and is able to handle 3D Animation Rendering relatively proficiently, very much so compared to my laptop n.n
To complement the desktop, I just carry around a netbook with me now =)

- Looking forward to being reunited with my family after being away from them for 2 1/2 years, and meeting my twin as well =)


Not sure as of what to have for a New Year's Resolution though, pretty much the same as always I guess, learn from the mistakes one has made so as not to repeat them in teh future, and just try one's best in whatever one sets out to do =3


Oh, and firsts:
First person talked to for the year:
- My twin =)
First thing done for the year
- Walking back from school

First 10 music heard this year
- Eire: Isle of Saints - St.Patrick in the Spirit
No Link Available
- Stephanie - Friends
- Rie Fu - I wanna Go to a Place
- Yuna Ito - Trust You
- Madius Rat - Colon-D
- Colson Otter - With all Due Respect
- The Yellow Monkey - Taiyou ga Moeteiru
- The Elbereth Orchestra - The Road to Rivendell
No Link Available
- Owl City - Fireflies
- Jay chou - Orange Jasmine


Happy New Year everyone, and may all the endeavours you set out on be a succesful one! n.n

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Thanks Shep, miss the company of you guys :3

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