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Yet another close brush with Death
Not sure of how to describe the experience, but it was... surreal, I think. All happened so fast somehow.

Was on my way back from school, and the green man lit up, so I started crossing a 4-lane wide street. I guess, just when I stepped into the 3rd lane, a car (I think it was a Toyota sedan of sorts) was travelling (from 11 o'clock) towards the cross junction (Pender and Abbot crossing, and by halfway through the 3rd lane, I realized the car was making a curve towards me at 9 o'clock.

I basically reacted instinctively I think, as there was barely any time to think. Swerved my body facing the car and took nearly 3 skips backwards.

Didn't really know what happened after that, but when it all stopped, my left shin was in contact with the car's bumper, leg straight, right shin on radiator and foot on bumper, both hands were down on the bonnet and face was held away from the bonnet, but facing it.

My reaction after this was probably a strange one...

The first thing I did was to look at the traffic light as I backed away from the car... Green man still lit...
Following that, I looked at the driver, an old man whom I think was placing away a cellphone (seriously, when will people learn this is dangerous?), and then pointed at the green man, and then gave him a... thumbs up? Seriously, what was I smoking? I'd like to know there o.o;

(What was going on then was something like: There, you see the green light for me there? All good? Okay? OK *walks off*)

Anyway, his expression was what I believe to be of speechlessness as he, what I think waving at me very slowly, as its rare to see someone with eyes so wide open o.o;

After that, I just continued walking across the road, incident still in my head, yet not fear (though its somewhat settling in right now) nor anger, but rather bemusement. Got greeted by 2 hoboes outside the McDonalds of Tinseltown after that who asked if I was okay o.o

I'm... really awake now, to say the least, not sure if I'll be sleeping anytime soon o.o;

It was sure an... interesting... experience, but I'm definitely not any eager to live it again anytime soon.

Image of place of incident

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Whoa. Glad you're safe, Zeph.

*hugggggs tight* *wipes a tear from his eye* You had better get your furry ass back here in one piece!

No guarantees, but I'll try *hugs tight*

Urk I am glad you're okay. That was really a close call! @-@

Yeah, it sure was o.o;

And thanks =3

Glad to hear you're alright!

Looks like your instincts saved you by the fur on your neck. And, technically, that would have constituted a hit-and-run incident, eh?

I guess it'd have o.o

Glad to still be in one piece, as opposed to being itty bitty little hamstawuff pieces o.o

Next time pull out your keys and scratch your name in the hood while you're up there!

Too much time needed, the Green Man woulda flashed D=

Holy crap, I'm glad to hear you didn't get hurt D:! Yeesh, a really, really close call D: D:.

(orz, they just passed a no-cellphones-while-driving law in one of the communities over here... seems like they need one in Vancouver too!)

IU think such a law actually already exists here, its just that when people think they can get away with it, they'll do so (besides, no one would be the wiser if no law enforcers can spot them).

And yeah, thanks, glad to still be in one piece, as opposed to being itty bitty little hamsterwuffs n.n;

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