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People can't be trusted at times...
Just a short update before compiling a list of stuffs of what happened in my life the past few months. 

A short rant, part of which I'm responsible for, but goes to show I'm too naive at times...

Just last night, I withdrew some cash, and left the notes on the drawer of my room.
After performing some computer maintenance, I went over to the toilet just for a bit, leaving the door open.

Shortly thereafter, some people walked by, which I thought was fine, till I got back to my room (at which point they were gone), and out of the CAD$70 that I placed on the drawer, only CAD$10 was left.

Geez, part of that money was to survive the rest of the month and about CAD$20-30 was to go for a donation for a friend's birthday.

Went to look for my lanlord with regard to the people who are staying here up on the 3rd floor, and apparently, all the other hotel guests and tenants are no longer on the 3rd floor, making me the only one who's living up here now, which means I got swiped as they were leaving...

Guess I can't really trust people living in a hostel anymore, and my own naivette is what contributed to this loss of mine T_T;

Should just lock up the place even if I'm going to go for a bathroom break or a shower, and not just for school anymore.
Can't trust the people around here much.

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really sorry to hear that zeph *hugs*

yeah people can't be trusted sadly :(

I trust you guys though =3

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