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Something wrong here...
Free IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - Free IQ Test

Last I remember, I'm supposed to be in the higher 130s, and IQ doesn't change in one's lifetime (unless it drops maybe?).

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It's not a real IQ test ;)

Free IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - Free IQ Test

They made it pretty easy on purpose, so people put their scores up, more people click on them to go take the test to see how they match up, and all those people get bombarded with ads at the end. And the designer sits back and watches the money roll in.


And that's the way the money rolls.

Given my brain, I never even qualified for the high IQ society.
Scored a mere 113 on their 'High IQ Test' (TA^3) scale when one requires 124 and above to get in.

My 'Normal' (eCMA) IQ fluxes from 133-140 though, from the high IQ society tests, a small range.

Happy Birthday Zeph *pounces and slurps ya good* ^ ^

Eeep! X3

Thanks Lace! Hope you're having a good time there over at your end n.n

*smiles and lowers ears and head*

Thanks big guy! n.n

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