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BC Furries - April Fursuit Bowling

April Fursuit Bowling @ Rev's Bowling Centre, down in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada =)

Had a lot of fun editing the video.

Couldn't attend the one held this month though... So I couldn't get any footage of what happened there myself.
Will try my best to attend the one for next month =)

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Well, here's my comments; I'm only trying to give helpful suggestions, so don't take them harshly.

1. According to their website, it's "REVS" not "Rev's"
2. NotPC's rodent is "Mic"
3. "Purpleski", not "PurpleSki"
4. There's just a bit much dead time with a black screen where nothing is happening.

Oh come on you silly rat, I'm all ears all the time =3

I'll implement the necessary changes for the next fursuit bowling vid, the problem with the present one is that its already 'flattened' so making changes is slightly inconvenient. The text mistakes won't happen for the next fursuit based vid I'll assemble *thumbs up*

The dead time is a matter of preference in most situations, more often than not a method to allow a viewer to digest something that happened in the scene prior to and preparing them for what maybe next, but if there's too much here, I'll tone it down for the next one =)

*looks at mood*

Looks like we're all depressed people huh... XD;;

Very very stressed.

Pressure under the Pixar guys and my ILM instructor at present.

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