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Of all the...
Y so serious?
With the combination of peer pressure, ever increasing competition related to the growth of the population in this cramped island, judging of people based on results marks on paper and etc etc...

Its no wonder those who have been looked down on, or shunned because they perform less than expected, band together to form gangs that turn on the usual public that 'wronged' them?

The police can lockdown on as many as the general public wants them to, but unless Singapore's system structure changes for the better, things will never change

New delinquents will rise to prove themselves 'better' as a psychological defiance to the general public, more of this violence will continue and more people will just keep on getting hurt, both physically and psychologically.

The problem about a society that bases 'those who qualify' based on marks on paper here easily will have those who do not qualify shunned and ridiculed.

Its also easy to see Singaporeans overseas, those who are complacent with the lifestyle they have here become arrogant (based on my experience with exchange students in Canada), and for what? Just because the government hands them stuffs on a silver platter and such (scholarships) just because they qualify on paper?

The problem about the cold, impersonal system here in Singapore has opened a path to a generation of young drones/zombies who work for nothing more than results on paper.

Those who fail to do so are treated as outcasts, clearly seen class based on the education system here in Singapore, where its easy to see the worser performing level folks recieve even poorer education levels.

Let's not forget the fact that those who are in 'better' schools here in Singapore often mock those in lower class, poorer government schools.

Also, let's not forget that those who perform poorly probably already have their own share of problems, heavily related to background issues more often than not (financially, family wise etc.)

Pressurize them, shun them and treat them as outcasts eh? General public?

Birds of a feather flock together, is it no wonder that the youths aged between 15-25 in this country then band together in the fashion that they do and cause the acts that have been done?

Troubled backgrounds, confidence issues, wanting to find a place where they belong and the desire to prove themselves better (In this case, by vengeance), is it a wonder such violent news have sparked as of late?

Don't just go about your everyday lives doing what you do like the drones you've been lead to become Singaporeans.

I implore you to think.

PS: Sorry about the layout of the journal or if I sound repetitive. I'm peeved, and its 3am here after a long day's work starting at 7am.

Just a Temp and a Check (Commissions?)
Will provide some updates in life later probably

Right now working on a few backlogs of sketches that I owe people out there.

Been practicing to make sure I get up to speed for this and......

I wanna start working on the Iron Artist Challenge, amongst several reasons:
- Wanna see how far I can go and
- To make ends meet to a certain extent if possible (tight on funds at the moment)

US$5 (US$5.46 to cover paypal's 2.1% + US$0.30 tax) per drawing (Sketched linework, single character) with the images below as examples:
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3682636/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/931295/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3682638/

Keep in mind that I wish to avoid doing adult art, because of my involvement in the media industry as an animator.

Trial check probably, gonna try and accept 10 at a time (keeps fingers crossed)

If interested, please do give a reference link of who you want drawn and stuffits =3

Queue List:
1- DJ Atomika (unpaid/need refs/will start soon)
2- xbuimonsama (finished)
3- Goldenbullet666 (finished)
4- Skiefire (finished)
5- Skiefire (finished)
6- nezucho (unpaid/refs given/started)
7- Brokenwing (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
8- Brokenwing (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
9- Flameydramon (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
10- Flameydramon (unpaid/refs needed/starting soon)

For the lack of a better title... Happy New De-De-De-Decade! =)
Hmm... Well... Where to begin... Will try to keep things short I guess.
- This year has been a long one, came across many different folks from many different backgrounds, be it school or otherwise, and many I can say I'm really happy to have made an acquaintance with.

- School's been good for the most part, a bit of changes in the school's 'command' structure though, but I think the changes have been mostly for the better, despite the very rough start.

- School ends at March, and truth be told, its quite exciting, somethign I'm looking forward to and not at the same time...
Gonna be leaving Vancouver, and truth be told, its a difficult thing to do since I've been here for more than 2 years already now, having made many friends, some of which I'd lay down my life for, and knowing the fact that I have to leave, unsure as to whether I'd get to see them again anytime soon or not...

- 'Met' with someone here in Vancouver too... And well, I like him, problem being that I'm not certain where the both of us will be headed to in the future, and its been emotionally up and down for me being with him (though not in a bad way).
To summarize things, it'd seem that we're more like buddies instead of partners... And no, we're not mates, that's too strong of a word in my opinion.

- 2 of those factors added together make me hesitant about leaving, but I don't really have a choice on this matter... I guess. Its hard to weasel your way into an industry if you're a foreigner.

- Attended my first Furry convention in Seattle in the form of Rainfurrest 2009, and had a blast too! Thoroughly enjoyed it n.n
Managed to spend time with an important person in my life at the end of it too... Which I'm very thankful for =)

- On the technical side of things, I did away with my laptop and built a desktop computer, stationed it in school and am overall very happy with it, as its a relatively capable machine, and is able to handle 3D Animation Rendering relatively proficiently, very much so compared to my laptop n.n
To complement the desktop, I just carry around a netbook with me now =)

- Looking forward to being reunited with my family after being away from them for 2 1/2 years, and meeting my twin as well =)


Not sure as of what to have for a New Year's Resolution though, pretty much the same as always I guess, learn from the mistakes one has made so as not to repeat them in teh future, and just try one's best in whatever one sets out to do =3


Oh, and firsts:
First person talked to for the year:
- My twin =)
First thing done for the year
- Walking back from school

First 10 music heard this year
- Eire: Isle of Saints - St.Patrick in the Spirit
No Link Available
- Stephanie - Friends
- Rie Fu - I wanna Go to a Place
- Yuna Ito - Trust You
- Madius Rat - Colon-D
- Colson Otter - With all Due Respect
- The Yellow Monkey - Taiyou ga Moeteiru
- The Elbereth Orchestra - The Road to Rivendell
No Link Available
- Owl City - Fireflies
- Jay chou - Orange Jasmine


Happy New Year everyone, and may all the endeavours you set out on be a succesful one! n.n

Yet another close brush with Death
Not sure of how to describe the experience, but it was... surreal, I think. All happened so fast somehow.

Was on my way back from school, and the green man lit up, so I started crossing a 4-lane wide street. I guess, just when I stepped into the 3rd lane, a car (I think it was a Toyota sedan of sorts) was travelling (from 11 o'clock) towards the cross junction (Pender and Abbot crossing, and by halfway through the 3rd lane, I realized the car was making a curve towards me at 9 o'clock.

I basically reacted instinctively I think, as there was barely any time to think. Swerved my body facing the car and took nearly 3 skips backwards.

Didn't really know what happened after that, but when it all stopped, my left shin was in contact with the car's bumper, leg straight, right shin on radiator and foot on bumper, both hands were down on the bonnet and face was held away from the bonnet, but facing it.

My reaction after this was probably a strange one...

The first thing I did was to look at the traffic light as I backed away from the car... Green man still lit...
Following that, I looked at the driver, an old man whom I think was placing away a cellphone (seriously, when will people learn this is dangerous?), and then pointed at the green man, and then gave him a... thumbs up? Seriously, what was I smoking? I'd like to know there o.o;

(What was going on then was something like: There, you see the green light for me there? All good? Okay? OK *walks off*)

Anyway, his expression was what I believe to be of speechlessness as he, what I think waving at me very slowly, as its rare to see someone with eyes so wide open o.o;

After that, I just continued walking across the road, incident still in my head, yet not fear (though its somewhat settling in right now) nor anger, but rather bemusement. Got greeted by 2 hoboes outside the McDonalds of Tinseltown after that who asked if I was okay o.o

I'm... really awake now, to say the least, not sure if I'll be sleeping anytime soon o.o;

It was sure an... interesting... experience, but I'm definitely not any eager to live it again anytime soon.

Image of place of incident

When knowing too much holds you back
Computer related.
TLDR Version:
I'm contemplating about building a new system, but am unsure of what to get: i5 or i7, LGA1156 or LGA1366
Techie Stuffs under the CutCollapse )

Rainfurrest 2009
To sum it up in one word... It was fan-freakin'tastic! =D

Many thanks to you Craig, for letting me stay in your room and providing me with shelter n.n
I'm really thankful, and will have to meet you one day to give your sketchbook back to you =)

All the my Vancouverite friends, you guys know who you are. Thanks for playing a part in making this Hamsterwuff's first-ever furcon a great one! =3

Yep, I arrived at the con late since I lost my way in Seattle, not knowing where to go, and it took me 2+ hours to get from the Amtrak station down to the Seatac Marriott Hotel. In the end, I was only able to make it to the con on its 2nd day.

I joined a couple of my friends in their room, took a walk around the hotel, and then went to clean up and then straight to bed (floor) XD

The sun wasup not much later, and after a bit of a heart-to-heart exchange with a couple of my close friends there, I ran around the con with a friends' Tarantula Plushie atop of my head, and was basically known as the guy with a 'headcrab'' or 'Tarantula on the head'.

Many thought it was cute, but some freaked out XD

During my rampage, I managed to run into many of my friends, amongst other folks X3
Later in the evening, finally managed to catch up with 2  Gryphon, and talked about some relatively sensitive stuff, but was glad to be able to do so. Mouth is sealed though, so, sorry guys =3

Glad to have caught up with you guys, though some only really, really briefly XD

BTW Rat! I still need to return you your sketchbook too. Reaaally sorry about that n.n;;;

Also, many thanks go out to:

Glad to have met you. Thanks for the trade too! You're one great guy to be around with!
There sure was a lot of pics on your prints not here on FA, and they're very well drawn too, as expected =D
This is Shiuk's half of the trade: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2817866

Was completely surprised you were there, totally didn't expect that. Not confused as to why you don't remember me though, its been a good 4 years since we last chat (remembered the years now).


So glad to have met you! =D
The dealer's room was sure packed, and guess you got swamped with commissions during the later parts of the day and evening. Glad you like the sketch I did of Shizuki too! One thing to note is that you're one really fast artist! =D


Glad to have met your acquaintance! =D
Your bubbliness sure made this tired wuff pull through as much as he could during that very late artjam XD
thanks for the trade too!
Sorry I couldn't join you for the ice-cream, was running low on funds. Hopefully we'd be able to meet again sometime in the future =3
This is Hornet's half of the trade with me: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2817824

You crazy AZN girl you XD
It was awesome to have met you, and many, MANY thanks for the surprise gift conbadge. Zeph never looked soooooo good before XD
Gotta come up with something for you, one way or the other.
I also envy the energy you exhude. Despite being tired during the later half of our ArtJam, you were so lively and cheerful that it kept me drawing still X3
Hope to be able to run into you sometime in the future before I go back to Singapore n.n

Seylyn's badge of Zeph:

And finally:

I'm glad to have met you at the end of everything. Your down to earthness and calmness was the perfect way for me to have ended the trip down to Seattle.
Hope you liked the doodle I did of your character, it was the least I can do.
Watching you leave though... was probably the hardest thing for me to do back there, was desperately holding my tears back back then n.n;
Hopefully, I'd be able to meet you for at least one more time before I go back to Singapore. Miss you very much.

That basically sums about everything up I guess.


PS: On my way back to Vancouver, a car's engine compartment exploded on the highway. Quite a sight to behold, although not a very good one at all.

Guess that's that for now.

Till next time n.n

Just Because I Can
And a few of my friends are doing it.

You are the World (Universe)

Completion, Good Reward.

The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, and as such represents saturnian energies, time, and completion.

The World card pictures a dancer in a Yoni (sometimes made of laurel leaves). The Yoni symbolizes the great Mother, the cervix through which everything is born, and also the doorway to the next life after death. It is indicative of a complete circle. Everything is finally coming together, successfully and at last. You will get that Ph.D. you've been working for years to complete, graduate at long last, marry after a long engagement, or finish that huge project. This card is not for little ends, but for big ones, important ones, ones that come with well earned cheers and acknowledgements. Your hard work, knowledge, wisdom, patience, etc, will absolutely pay-off; you've done everything right

And in other news... o.o;
For some bizzare reason or another, I pulled my right glute x.x


*goes off to sit in a cold tub... only to realize he doesn't have one in the hostel*




*sad hamsterwuff*

People can't be trusted at times...
Just a short update before compiling a list of stuffs of what happened in my life the past few months. 

A short rant, part of which I'm responsible for, but goes to show I'm too naive at times...

Just last night, I withdrew some cash, and left the notes on the drawer of my room.
After performing some computer maintenance, I went over to the toilet just for a bit, leaving the door open.

Shortly thereafter, some people walked by, which I thought was fine, till I got back to my room (at which point they were gone), and out of the CAD$70 that I placed on the drawer, only CAD$10 was left.

Geez, part of that money was to survive the rest of the month and about CAD$20-30 was to go for a donation for a friend's birthday.

Went to look for my lanlord with regard to the people who are staying here up on the 3rd floor, and apparently, all the other hotel guests and tenants are no longer on the 3rd floor, making me the only one who's living up here now, which means I got swiped as they were leaving...

Guess I can't really trust people living in a hostel anymore, and my own naivette is what contributed to this loss of mine T_T;

Should just lock up the place even if I'm going to go for a bathroom break or a shower, and not just for school anymore.
Can't trust the people around here much.

Something wrong here...
Free IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - Free IQ Test

Last I remember, I'm supposed to be in the higher 130s, and IQ doesn't change in one's lifetime (unless it drops maybe?).