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Just a Temp and a Check (Commissions?)
Will provide some updates in life later probably

Right now working on a few backlogs of sketches that I owe people out there.

Been practicing to make sure I get up to speed for this and......

I wanna start working on the Iron Artist Challenge, amongst several reasons:
- Wanna see how far I can go and
- To make ends meet to a certain extent if possible (tight on funds at the moment)

US$5 (US$5.46 to cover paypal's 2.1% + US$0.30 tax) per drawing (Sketched linework, single character) with the images below as examples:

Keep in mind that I wish to avoid doing adult art, because of my involvement in the media industry as an animator.

Trial check probably, gonna try and accept 10 at a time (keeps fingers crossed)

If interested, please do give a reference link of who you want drawn and stuffits =3

Queue List:
1- DJ Atomika (unpaid/need refs/will start soon)
2- xbuimonsama (finished)
3- Goldenbullet666 (finished)
4- Skiefire (finished)
5- Skiefire (finished)
6- nezucho (unpaid/refs given/started)
7- Brokenwing (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
8- Brokenwing (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
9- Flameydramon (unpaid/refs given/starting soon)
10- Flameydramon (unpaid/refs needed/starting soon)


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